Today in GSA we discussed over the issue of school bullies and how we can prevent or help the victim. If anyone out there is being bullied because of their sexuality, or just in general, please don’t be afraid to speak up or just come join us! We are a sanctuary that invites and helps anyone who’s willing to come and vent or just feel included.


Bullying Assembly

Yesterday at the middle school, all the seventh graders gathered together to listen and learn about bullying. Unfortunately, GSA could not present as much as they would like but, it was still an interesting experience. The speaker for this assembly, Anne Marie, talked about such topics as participation, respect, one voice, confidentiality, and responsible risk. The seventh graders discussed and learned that there are multiple ways of being a bully/bullied, how to handle certain situations, etc. Then, the GSA group visited one of the classrooms, sharing stories and expanded the students thoughts even further on bullying. Hopefully these students got a lot out of the assembly and discussions.


Hello! Welcome to darien high schools GSA blog. What is GSA you might ask? GSA stands for Gay Straight Alliance and we invite you to join us any time! Our meetings are every thursday after school in room B313 and we discuss topics such as homophobia and watch clips that give us awareness. We have created this blog to influence our viewers to come join us and to catch up on what we’ve been doing every thursday. So don’t be shy! We hope to see you there.

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